Dipper- Drive your own freight


Behind The Wheel


To organise inter-city freight logistics within India and make it more efficient, convenient by leveraging technology.

More than 85% of India's 30 lakh Commercial Vehicles belong to small fleet owners (less than 10 trucks) making the industry highly fragmented and allowing middlemen to eat up the trucker's profits just for load matching.

Dipper is an online marketplace that connects trucks (load seekers) with load (load owners)!

The team is a mixture of, IITians and NITians with experience at the biggest MNCs (Caterpillar, Amazon, etc), and veterans of the logistics industry, united by a common passion- To create a sustainable, efficient ecosystem that makes freight transport intuitive and accessible.

With advisors heading the biggest logistics companies, the team has a combined domain experience of 40+ years in Indian Logistics.

Write to us at support@usedipper.com or call us at 011-25223047.